This Animal Called Doyin Okupe – By @Obajeun

In the Animal Kingdom called Nigeria, the guns and goons are fast approaching. Complexities and contradictions abound. It is fine and dandy to proclaim the philosophy of liberalism, of tolerance and respect for political diversity of political creed. But within the context of  illiberal politics powered by an illiberal political economy and sustained by an illiberal political class like in Nigeria, giving room for respect is equivalent to a suicide note. To this end, when Doyin Okupe declared himself a ‘lion’, gallivanting through the media with spiral effect, one is sure to be living in a perplexed Animal Kingdom ruled over by a tipsy elephant with no brain, using an obesed dog as its ‘attack lion’. In case you don’t know, we are talking about this animal called Doyin Okupe.

Political power in Nigeria is so powerfully unfeeling and insensitive that even critical dangers to itself simply do not register. Only a political daydreamer, cocooned away from harsh reality, could have mistaken intellectual confrontation as a wholly presidential hatred. Having run out of real old enemies, the President has taken to create imaginary enemies in his Animal Kingdom. There is mounting popular intellectual anger and revulsion in the land, the only way the President could handle this was to appoint a ‘lion’, Doyin Okupe to fight dirty in the media. Doyin is a lion that does not have the gut to roar. In case you don’t know, we are talking about this animal called Doyin Okupe.

In an animal kingdom, humans are few, those who have conscience and the future of the kingdom at heart. Nasir Elrufai may not know how to make friends with lowly brains, Tunde Bakare may not know how to hide the truth under his tongue, but they are individuals that nurture what I called intellectual opposition in our Animal Kingdom. For Doyin Okupe to ride into animal savagery by lashing these individuals, he has shown that animals would beget animals, animals would appoint animals and animals would speak for animals. Aso Villa is indeed a beer parlour of animals. In case you don’t know, we are talking about this animal called Doyin Okupe.

One expected that with the outcry in town, the President would be preoccupied with deep check and strategy to structure an intellectual assembly into his plans. So far, the death toll in his Animal Kingdom has been prohibitive. The Kingdom is foaming in blood and gore. The nation itself has been turned into a vast ghost land. A deathly still and silence has descended on the land. The protocol of elders have disappeared into their malignant dens.  In all these, appointing this animal called Doyin Okupe to fight Elrufai and Bakare suddenly became the most pressing need of a nation that is almost at the end to its journey to join the comity of the departed nations.  Welcome to the stone country, the Gridlock of Goodluck. In case you don’t know, we are talking about this animal called Doyin Okupe.

Sane and rational people must wonder why it must come to this level, when we no longer fancy antecedents, especially of corrupt animals in the kingdom. No wonder that cerebral warrior, Prof Niyi Osundare declared in one of the Save Nigeria Group symposia that ”we no longer blush about corruption”. Doyin Okupe was reported to have spent almost one month in jail between July and August 2006 on allegations of fraud involving Imo and Benue States Government. The then governor of Benue State, George Akume reportedly confirmed this. This same Doyin Okupe now manages our government’s propaganda portfolio. With his mouth smashed with political odour, the errand animal has boastfully declared himself a ‘lion’. In case you don’t know, we are talking about this animal called Doyin Okupe.

The President has walked into a landmine with eyes wide-opened and with the assurance of a sleepwalker. He wanted to be the superstar with Doyin Okupe as the attacking animal. There comes a time when even dupes realise that they have been a victim of a gigantic swindle. You can only trick a woman into bed once. The rest is dalliance between consenting adults. But there comes a time in the life of a nation when the voiceless find their voice, when the politically meek finally realise that they are never going to inherit the earth. In case you don’t know, Doyin Okupe’s appointment as the ‘lion’ of Aso Villa marks the foundation of 2015 drama. Jonathan has tricked us into bed once, we should now sleep with our eyes wide-opened. In case you still don’t know, we are talking about the new animal in town called Doyin Okupe.

It is a political fool that will mistake a major historical tide for a mere ripple in the mighty ocean. There are many fools in the upper echelons of contemporary leadership in Nigeria. Eventually, just like the new animal we have in town, it is a feckless monkey that will kill itself.

In the end, I wish Goodluck Jonathan well with his new animal pet in town. But to be lucky is not always to be fortunate. When people are catapulted beyond their competence, they always end up stranded in the middle of nowhere. I hate to think that we may end up telling the story of our president that luck brought from nowhere and ended up nowhere.

It is me, @Obajeun

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