Amina Ali: Welcome Back To Life – By @Obajeun

It is better left to imagination. Yes, picturing Amina Ali as she hobbled in Sambisa forest, hoping to disappear from the darkness in the hood of trees. Memories must have slowed her down at some point. She must have moved from break to uncertainties, from fears to nothingness.

But she is back as a symbol of our stubborn optimism!

Amina Ali’s freedom came as big relief just as we struggle to come to terms with the reality of our economy. Government policies have defied logic. Everyone is in the dark as to what exigencies are driving our priorities. Our treasury has been emptied by human vultures. Buhari is relentlessly chasing shadows. We seem lost, boxed and exhausted of our stubborn optimism! Like there is never a drought in the wineskin of the drunkard, we would find a way around it and move on.

Amina’s return signaled new turns in many facets of our journey into nationhood. Her freedom lends credence to our collective stubborn optimism. We waited and hoped. But to a few, it was a conspiracy theory of politics where human life was nothing but a power play item that could be bandied as tradable commodity. To these ones, Nigeria was an arid absurdity and a theatre of comedic failures.

Like never before, her freedom has rejigged our hitherto dogged optimism and we have regained our national feelings for our sense of commonality. Like our shared set of collective memories which had melted with our awry past, has suddenly come back. Like our means of forging common feeling and combating the intermediacy of changing events which had been shattered by the fissures in our heart, has suddenly come back to us.

Amina’s return is a strong message to extremists. There are limits to which they can kill, to which they can propagate violence and wage unholy wars. Like never before, we have become stronger in hope. Amina’s return has triggered the resurrection of the communion of Nigerian divinity from the chromatic tunes of socio-religious disintegration. At this period, we cannot just afford to see a vulture near our dwelling place.

Amina has led the way. She has opened up the path to the freedom of the remaining girls. Her eyes blink of faith, possibilities, freedom. Yes, freedom has left scars on her body and she has gory stories to tell. But then, she bears her scars as gold medals. And in the ways only in which magic can be spurn with words would the story be told of the liberated Nigerian whose passion for the country opens the mind to new possibilities.

Amina Ali, welcome back to life!

It’s me, @Obajeun

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