Okafor’s Law: Omoni Oboli Played an ‘April Fool’ on Me

Disclaimer: I am not ‘spoiling’ someone’s market oo, I am only sharing my appraisal of the creative product of Omoni Oboli. Please carry yourself and go to the cinema to see the movie, don’t buy it in traffic, otherwise, the thunder that will fire you…  LOL


So those billboards and poster trends, Jude Idada’s futile effort to cut short the ‘glory’ of a progressing lady, Omoni Oboli’s tears of a broken woman after the first court injunction, all got me tricked into the cinema once again. More importantly that I am a big fan of Omoni Oboli, ‘her head is just there’… hehehehe

Yes aside the comic legendary of Funke Akindele, Omoni rivals Funke with ease in the big league after Genevieve Nnaji. Sadly she became lazy after ‘Being Mrs Elliot.’

I thought there must be something ‘un-Nolly’ in ‘Okafor’s Law,’ like ‘76′ attempted, like ‘Oloibiri’ and ‘93 Days’ pushed a bit further. ‘Okafor’s Law’ sisters ‘The Wedding Party’ in lazy script writing.

RMD is in the movie, yes it is star-studded. Like seriously, star-studded? Okay guys, wait… like who and who please? First, get this down: the movie was directed by Omoni Oboli, produced by Omoni Oboli, written by Omoni Oboli, starring Omoni Oboli and co. Yawww… Omoni is ‘many in one’!

Yes I saw the ‘April Fool’ coming but I still pressed on, it was my own Omoni Oboli. I’d do everything to support her, including critiquing her work to make her better…  sounds weird? No nah… LOL

Back to the star-studded cast, here you go: Omoni Oboli as Ejiro, Blossom Chukwujekwu as Chuks aka Terminator, Ufuoma McDermott as Ify, Toyin Aimaku as Tomi, Gabriel Afolayan as Baptist, Ken Erics as Fox.

A strong point though, is that characters are well rounded. A slick serial seducer bets his friends that he can bed three old flames in 21 days. Chuks is a pro in the ‘lady game’ with a scorecard to keep by sexily hunting his lady victims – Ejiro, Ify and Tomi. The objective is to prove a point that Okafor’s Law really holds – which says that once you ‘properly’ bed a lady and you are not together again, you can always bed her anytime you want even if she is married. It sounds more like one of those high school or Uni fables, right?

Ejiro is a ‘single’ church sister, Ify is a caged wife and Tomi is an unromantic career buff. Chuks gets Ejiro with unaccustomed ease and once again gets down to the bare. It is a somewhat tactical game to get Ify. He finally unbundles Ify who craves to get a feel of a bed outside her prison, but she is disappointed that the burning end she is dying for becomes more elusive. She realizes that her husband, Mr Onome (RMD) is a ‘stronger’ man… hehehehe

With one more to go for the 21-day challenge, Ejiro pesters further for real love affair with Chuks while Tomi plays the hard-to-get. Mr. Terminator fails to get Tomi when his manliness melts into razing emotions for her. He wants to end the game all together and settle with Tomi but his friends, Baptist and Fox would not back down. Tomi gets a hint of the original ‘game plan’ and walk away. Ejiro is back to Chuks and they get married. The movie ends!

With my blurry sight, I craved for the retrieval of my 120mins!

The guy to my right at the cinema slept off midway. ni chill at all. Seriously, the monotony was real. At some point, he started snoring. Really? Yes! It was a deep one, very deep escape from dullness. And we protested. He woke up and shamefully got busy with his phone. Sorry bro, he went to the cinema to buy infamy for himself.

The movie sets out to tell a story but fail at it. It’s supposed to be a romantic comedy, but the comic part was laced with stiff acting and clash of dialogue and annoying scripting. Apart from Gabriel Afolayan who brought out the comic content and was the only one that really acted, Blossom and Eric wasted character space. Sorry, RMD was a no… no…  Unfortunately so.

There is nothing wrong in making the fable the central theme, but a lot is wrong when the scripting and acting fail to bring it to life. A lot is wrong when there is a seeming lack of investment in the content of a movie. A lot is wrong when a movie suffers creative twists, turns.  Acting newbies in the Big Brother Naija brought ‘madam koikoi’ fable to life with exemplary finesse and ease of scripting/acting. These guys did it under one week. ‘Okafor’s Law’ is notoriously lawless in its plot, acting, dialogue and ultimately, it is poorly storied!

My guess is that Omoni invested heavily in publicity and embarrassed movie buffs with such acting and epic failure called scripting. Her cast was a team of unblended interests, poor plot – driven by lazy scripting. To suggest that the movie is a product of the creative industry, is a disservice to the trend that ‘76,’ ’93 Days’ and ‘Oloibiri’ has managed to set.

Nollywood needs to invest in storytelling and enlist professionals for scripting, in fact for different off-screen roles. That you are directing and producing a movie doesn’t necessary mean that you should star. No. it means that you should stay back and watch from outside in order to make sense or nonsense from it.

Okay really, I got conned again by Nollywood. It was an ‘April Fool’ after all, there is no crime being fooled. The summary is that you should go to the cinema and encourage our own. #BuyNaija #UseNaija #PatroniseMadeInNaija.

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