Is Senator Larissa Waters Everything a Nursing Mom Should Be?

While it can be argued that the Australian Senate amended its guidelines last year to accommodate breastfeeding for nursing moms in the Senate chamber which Larissa Waters championed herself, it may be something to note for employers of nursing moms. Larissa Waters, an Australian Senator did that for her two months old baby on the floor of the Senate during a voting session.

How do nursing moms work effectively and still take care of their babies especially in situations where maternity leave might not be enough to wean babies? This is more like pushing the corporate frontiers, changing the way we see offices and demystifying all the social myths associated with work spaces. In line with our rapidly changing world, Larissa has made a statement, created a path for other nursing moms and challenged employers. This is more like a positive social disruption.

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  • Dare June 25, 2017 at 7:38 am

    This daring… at least women should emulate Waters’ boldness

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