Buhari’s Presidential Own Goal – By @Obajeun

Just when you think that all is beginning to take shape with media management of Buhari’s spokespersons, the lowly tango that we have all gotten ourselves accustomed to would raise its ugly head and drain off the remnants of our stubborn optimism. What kind of country is this?

It is all about game of stagnancy or better put, regression.

The few, countable ones who have good intentions have their motives suspended like a flying kite. In some cases, they have their intentions sandwiched between evil advisers and dearth of creative political engineering. The toll has been unaffordable. It has put a question mark on Nigeria as a viable national project.

But seriously, the Nigerian project hasn’t been profitable! We are running at a loss. Sad!

We are all bunch of docile broomsticks. Our room is messy, yet our bunch is useless and bugged down by individualism. How do we then stop the freaking exodus into Libya?

The Nigerian debate hasn’t been this contentious. It is sad, we cannot manage national debate to canalize our divergent strengths into a formidable union of complementing diversities. We don’t learn. Our leaders don’t learn. Everyone goes to earn salaries, serves his family for four years and retire to enjoy the savings from our national sweat.

In the heat of the impending rites of passage for the Nigerian project, which the Acting President has been struggling to hold tight, Buhari’s media handlers dropped a bombshell which can escalate the national question.

They dropped a voice note from London, recorded in Hausa language, as though all Muslims in Nigeria understand Hausa language, as though all Nigerians speak Hausa, as though Hausa is the language of the government. In the voice note, President Buhari admonished us all to abide in our nationhood. How am I supposed to understand this if it isn’t translated? What an own goal!

It is difficult to believe that this is a mistake, no it is not. It was deliberate, poorly hatched and rushed to neutralize the news that is making the round that President Buhari is suffering from speech impairment. They wanted to play smart and drop it as a Ramadan goodwill message. As usual they played the lowly smartness and dropped the voice note in Hausa language.

Our sensibility has suffered in this country.

But it is a silly lot.

As puerile as it is, it has armed the harbingers of secessionist agenda. In fact, as far as they are concerned, the idea of Nigerian citizenship is a ferocious oxymoron conflicting with the miserable reality of mediaeval subject-hood. That’s for the ones driven by ideology.

For the Northern Landlords and Eastern Landowners, we have witnessed depressing displays of push-me-I-push-you political brinksmanship. The easterners can latch unto this voice note and claim a doomed end for the Nigeria question. The northerners can pocket this as a push to advance the course of their quit notice.

Either ways, it is a lose-lose game-play. The voice note is a damaging stinker!

How will Buhari wash off this toga of a sectional President? He is his own albatross!

In his surgical appraisal of the state of our country, Prof Adebayo Williams posits that the sharp individuation of nationalities and their discrete cultures makes the case for a structural (not geographical) unbundling of Nigeria very compelling. This argument is shared by the fiery clergy, Tunde Bakare. I am beginning to align with this alternative.

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